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Every Bulldog a Changemaker

We believe that higher education is both a path to personal success and a springboard for students to use their knowledge and talent to make a positive difference in the world. Now we’re dedicating even more energy and purpose toward entrepreneurial programs and community engagement experiences. We’ll empower generations of students to be the ones who use their passion and potential to do well by doing good in ways that help find solutions to society’s most pressing concerns.

Finding Meaning

Drake University’s Engaged Citizen Corps helped Katie Carlton, JO’20, discover a path to improving the world around her. Now that path has led to a lifelong pursuit and career.

Supporting the Changemaker initiative can help future generations of Drake students replicate Katie’s rewarding experience.

Helping Others Find Their Way

Neil Ward, assistant professor of graphic design, says when students find a problem that conflicts with their core values, they become passionate about making changes. His design students valued access to education. When they discovered that access was difficult for some of their fellow students, they took action.

Harmon Fine Arts Center Map

Ward’s design students considered the challenge of navigating Harmon Fine Arts Center if you couldn’t do what many took for granted...

take the stairs.

Stairwell access to the Harmon Fine Arts Center

I rented wheelchairs and knee scooters, and we rolled our way around the building during class time and when classes were out,

Ward said.

First floor building blueprint of the Harmon Fine Arts Center

When they couldn’t take the stairs, students found no signage to guide them to alternate routes. The ensuing struggle proved educational.

Second floor building blueprint of the Harmon Fine Arts Center

Having them experience a different perspective got them hooked on creating this wayfinding system,

Ward said.

Third floor building blueprint of the Harmon Fine Arts Center

By helping students find challenges that connect with their core beliefs and empowering them to make changes that move us toward solutions, Drake University will create future generations of changemakers.

Fourth floor building blueprint of the Harmon FIne Arts Center
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Create Change

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Drake graduate Ben Lefever, JO’00, has kept more than 300,000 patients connected to critical medical care.

Lefever helped change the way healthcare is delivered when he founded a company that enables health systems to use telehealth to care for patients—especially those in underserved communities—with chronic issues like diabetes, hypertension, and behavioral health conditions.

By using his Drake education and experiences, Lefever has found an opportunity to create positive change in even the most challenging times.

“This national health emergency (the pandemic) has highlighted a need that’s always been there,” Lefever said. “We hate that there had to be a pandemic to open people’s eyes about the importance of telehealth, but people do now see the value.”

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