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Center for Public Democracy

At its heart, democracy is a collective, lived experience that requires an active, informed public. And yet, the thoughtful political discussion and civility at the center of the democratic experience seem to be endangered. Drake will stand boldly and bravely in creating a hub for democratic discourse, dialogue, and action focused on renewing a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Power of the People

When he was 12, a health insurance company refused to pay for his life-saving drug. Adam Koch demonstrated how his Drake education helped him use the power of democracy to improve the world for people with chronic illnesses.

Building on an Existing Foundation

Drake Law School’s Constitutional Law Center is one of just four centers throughout the nation established and funded by Congress to foster study of the U.S. Constitution and its roots, formation, principles, and development.

Two law students sitting in the Drake Law School’s Constitutional Law Center

The Robert D. and Billie Ray Center is a global leader in applied research and programming in the areas of civility, character development, and ethical leadership.

Ribbon cutting with Robert D. and Billie Ray at the Robert D. and Billie Ray Center

Drake Law School’s Legislative Practice Center combines coursework with legislative internships—providing students the unparalleled opportunity to draft bills, lobby legislators, and attend subcommittee meetings.

Two law students at Drake Law School’s Legislative Practice Center doing a mock trial

The Harkin Institute for Public Policy and Citizen Engagement serves as a nonpartisan collaborative space for policy makers, community members, and students to tackle today’s most pressing, complex, and vital issues.

Senator Tom Harkin sitting on a couch with a guest at the Harkin Center

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication champions the First Amendment’s role as a guardian of democracy by promoting a robust, independent press.

Students at a School of Journalism and Mass Communication class
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Offer Unrivaled Opportunities

The Capital of the Iowa Caucuses

Drake University offers students unrivaled opportunities to engage in Iowa’s presidential caucuses. Drake students fill the ranks of campaign volunteer and staff teams and work behind the scenes at campaign events and nationally televised presidential debates, which Drake hosted in 2007, 2011, 2015, and 2020. This robust access to the political process provides an ideal foundation for expanding Drake’s reputation as a leader in strengthening American democracy.

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