Championing Access to Education

Feb 17, 2022

Ernest Newborn, LA'79, has philanthropically supported Drake’s efforts to provide an exceptional learning environment to all students through scholarships for several years. The events of 2020 inspired further reflection and commitment.

"2020 will long be remembered as a year of unprecedented challenges for our country," said Ernest. "I spent many a day last year reflecting on the deep and disturbing systemic inequities in our country, particularly when it comes to educational and career opportunities."

Upon hearing the story of John Dee Bright, and learning about the mission of Bright College, Ernest was inspired to continue his financial support in hopes of making a Drake education more accessible to all. He created one of the first scholarships for Bright College students.

"I really believe that we have a moral obligation to create opportunities for those in our community that for whatever reason are not able to access or succeed in the traditional system," he said. "These students are bright, they’re creative, they’re outgoing, and they’re eager to think in innovative ways and deserving of the opportunities that change lives in our community."

Headshot of Ernest Newborn

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