Inspiring Fellow Alumni

Apr 20, 2023

Inspiring Fellow Alumni
Vinaya Sharma, BN’93

Vinaya Sharma, BN’93, is a passionate Drake fan. Vinaya hosts annual Drake Relays parties in his home, which features a Drake “alumni room” fully adorned with Drake memorabilia. He documents his loyalty for Drake during his travels around the world with a photo that shows him holding a Drake flag or pennant. Notably, Vinaya was involved in obtaining an apology from Oklahoma State University related to the infamous “Johnny Bright Incident.”

Vinaya is a supporter of Drake’s Actuarial Science program, which continues to be highly valued throughout the U.S. and global actuarial communities. 2023 marks the 30th anniversary of his graduation from Drake. To celebrate this milestone, he has a matching gift challenge to support the Adams Bowers Center with a goal of $30,000 or more. With this challenge, he is asking fellow alumni to share a portion of their professional success with Drake.

“As Drake Actuarial Science alumni, we benefited from the tradition of excellence in the program through outstanding teaching, fantastic internship experiences, and job placement opportunities,” says Vinaya, who is an Enterprise Risk Management expert and Actuary at a consulting firm.

In addition to Actuarial Science, Vinaya invested in The Ones campaign in a multitude of areas, including Drake Athletics, Pursuit of Excellence, the Live Mascot Program, and John Dee Bright College.

Vinaya Sharma

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